Graphic Design / Adapting to a new pack format

The Brief

The Gymology team had gone to market with their ready meals of ‘fresh fitness food’ in a black plastic tray. They knew that the plastic pack did not sit well with their healthy branding but felt there were no alternatives in the marketplace until they came across our board tray alternative – the Halopack. They asked the Creative graphic team to use the brand artwork on the existing sleeve and adapt it to the board tray.

Our Approach

Black plastic ready meal trays are unprintable so the Creative graphic team  had a blank canvas upon which they could expand on the brand identity. Using existing brand assets the artwork was extended across all the panels and the black and gold combination made the finished design look very modern and sleek.

How It Worked

The customer was very pleased with the artwork and as a result commissioned further  graphic design for a larger pack format as well.