Hannah's Pantry

Constructional Design/ Graphic Design/ New Pack Format

The Brief

Hannah came to us with her packaging, looking for an alternative to the current pouch. Her kitchen was nearby, and she was looking for a partner that could help her achieve this.

Her gluten-free and vegan-friendly cake mixes were becoming very popular, but she was not happy with the way the pouch sat on shelf. She also wanted an eco-friendly solution.

Our Approach

Our constructional team worked with Hannah on the style of the carton, changing from a tapered style to a more traditional one.

Whilst this was in process, our graphic designers looked at the existing branding to make it work on a carton across all the panels.

How It Worked

The carton style was approved, and the graphics were placed on the carton for review.

The logo had been tweaked as well as the front descriptive panel. The fruit was enhanced, and the all important ‘Great Taste’ award was added prominently on the front.