3D Modelling

We have many different ways to illustrate how your packaging might look.

What we do

Our team of graphic designers will illustrate your new product in a clear and visual way. 


At the beginning of any new product development, it can be difficult to know which direction to go down. We can take multiple ideas and sketch by hand on a tablet to eliminate packaging ideas right at the start and speed up the decision process. 

Sit down with one of our designers and watch as they sketch ideas for you there and then. 

3D Visuals

Once plain samples are underway, we can place your artworks onto the profile and bring it to life on the screen. You can use these to do some market research, show your potential buyers or secure investment for your project. 

If you have yet to commission artwork, we can undertake this for you from the beginning to end or we can simply place relevant graphics onto the pack for you. 

3D Animation

We use 3D animation to help our clients get a real understanding of their product in its packaging. Our software can be used to scrutinise the pack and artwork in minute detail which speeds up the design process no end. No more lengthy communications between the studio and the client to finalise the details. 

You are also free to use the approved animation to ‘wow’ your customers. 

3D Printing

Alexir Creative have invested in a desktop 3D printer with a large build volume which is ideal for making essential components for packaging projects that have yet to be manufactured. 

By 3D printing missing elements, we can help speed up the process and avoid sampling tooling costs.