New Product Development

We bring your ideas to life throughout the new product development process. 

What we do

Our team of graphic designers will recreate your new product in a clear and visual way. 

New Product Design from Scratch

With our packaging technologists and access to a worldwide supply of materials and scientific processes, we can advise and support you as you develop your products and its packaging.

Our knowledge of materials and its impact on the environment will guide you down the best path for your brand and its values.

Range Extensions

Brands evolve and change over time and sometimes a brand owner will extend the range either through premium tiering or into different retailer categories. We recognise and understand the complex design cues needed to do this successfully. With our extensive supplier network, we can advise and source the necessary pack formats to make this happen.  

Environmental Credentials

The world is changing; our views on the environment and the impact of packaging materials have accelerated. Legislation is gradually being introduced to make manufacturers and suppliers change their packaging to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of the impact of your packaging on the environment, so you be sure that you have made the right decisions for your customers