We design and engineer custom packaging that is production-ready for you. 

What we do

Our team of creative structural designers will advise and create your packaging using innovative shapes and materials. 

Folding Box Board

We are converters of folding carton board so we can design and produce all thicknesses of virgin fibre board from different manufacturers. 

Folding box board is perfect for retail packaging as it prints well with many finishing effects and can be made into lots of interesting shapes. 

We work extensively in the FMCG market and we have expertise in board types for new products in the supply chain. 

Corrugated Board

Corrugated board is much stronger than folding box board and is widely used for secondary packaging. It is made from a combination of two sheets of paper glued to an inner fluting. 

Corrugated board is perfect for ecommerce and postal outers. We can design and source this secondary packaging element to protect your product direct to the consumer. We can also help brands to reach influencers with eye-catching packs  in the post. 

Rigid Board

This substrate is made by wrapping a printed paper around a stiff rigid board and is normally used for premium and luxury product. Rigid boxes are sturdy and can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes with different closures. 

All sorts of printing techniques and finishing touches can be added to the wrapping paper to add a touch of class. 



Rigid Box Prototyping

Alexir Creative have an in-house resource to produce premium rigid box samples. 

All prototypes are customised to brief and handmade with attention to detail. 

White samples can be wrapped with bespoke print and in-house foil transfers can be added, helping to eliminate lengthy lead times for samples from the Far East. 

Our Compendium of Carton Styles

Click here to view some of our most commonly requested carton styles