Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need packaging?

Packaging is used for many reasons but mainly it protects a product through the supply chain, is a powerful tool to promote the product on shelf and its added value applications contribute to the sales performance of the product.

2. What sort of packaging might I need?

You will definitely need some form of primary packaging which is the layer of packaging that contains the product itself. This packaging is designed specifically for the product and provides an element of protection for storage. You may need a form of secondary packaging, however, this will mainly be used for logistics purposes.

3. What’s the difference between bespoke printed packaging and ‘off the shelf’ packaging?

Bespoke (custom) printed packaging is unique to you and your product and is designed according to your brand’s identity. ‘Off-the-shelf’ packaging consists of standard sizes and materials that can be purchased from packaging distributors. This type of packaging is unlikely to be printed and potentially can be the same as your competitors.

4. How can I get my packaging designed?

You will need to consult with both constructional designers and graphic designers to make sure your packaging is fit-for-purpose and is aligned with your brand identity. We can help you with the packaging design and production. 

5. How can I ensure that my packaging is recyclable?

All packaging made from solid board is recyclable as it comes from sustainably managed forests and the material can be recycled in the waste streams.

6 . How much does packaging cost?

If the packaging is custom-made and printed then there are lots of elements that need to be considered before costing can take place, for example, size of profile, type of board, printing process, printing finishes and embellishments. Once all these elements have been agreed then we can cost for you.

7. What is the difference between Lithograhic and Digital printing?

Lithographic involves printing plates and will provide the highest print quality for your packaging especially if you are printing in large quantities. However, set-up costs are high in the first instance and is only commercially viable in larger volumes.

Digital printing provides a high quality print for smaller volumes (circa 5,000 and below). Digital printing makes it easier to print multiple designs for different SKUs. Digital printing uses CMYK colours and there are no printing plates, so set-up costs are lower. However, printing speed is slower than lithographic so while lower volumes are possible to do the unit price will be higher.

8. Can I see a sample before it goes into production?

Yes absolutely. We will provide white samples for you to check, amend and approve and we can also provide printed samples if needed.

9. How can I get printed samples quickly to show my customer?

We have facilities in-house to do this so we are able to turn these around in a very short space of time. If time is limited we can create 3D visuals as an alternative.

10. How can I get product images on Amazon before it has been produced?

It is possible to generate a computer visual of your product’s packaging relatively easily if there is a dieline created and artwork supplied.