Pack Photography and Video

We have the resources to shoot and manipulate imagery that can be used across social media platforms and for news stories.

What we do

Tell everybody about your new packaging.

Inhouse Photo Studio

We have an inhouse photographic studio and software resources to display your new product and packaging in its best light. We won’t charge you for a day’s photography either – we will just charge per image to keep your marketing budget lower.

Ultimately, we will know your product and its packaging better than anyone so you can be rest assured it will be photographed with extreme care and detail.

Imagery to Influence

Brands are having to navigate new landscapes and drive deeper engagement with their consumers in different ways. Marketing a successful brand requires digital strategies and packaging that connects to its audience.

We can share our knowledge and expertise to create that ‘unboxing’ experience for your customer. We can also shoot imagery that is relevant to your social media followers on various platforms.

Product Videos

There is no doubt that videos and moving imagery catches the eye and enables brand messaging to reach new heights. We can help you with short, sharp videos that can be posted on social media platforms for consumer engagement.