The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) - Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice sets out your rights under the new GDPR legislation and lets you know how the companies within the Partnership use and look after your personal data.

Your information will be held on the central systems of the Alexir Partnership with the sole intention of using this information to trade effectively with you, our customers and suppliers that we work with.  You can opt OUT of Alexir holding your personal data by contacting us.

Alexir Partnership the trading name of Alexir Creative, Alexir Packaging, Alexir Co-Packers, and Alexir Brands will:

Keep your data safe and private.

Not sell your data.

Only use your data provided to communicate with you and other companies for the sole purpose of maintaining effective commercial trading relationships.

Give you the opportunity to manage your personal data and opt OUT of data held.

Data will be held indefinitely, unless you opt OUT subject to GDPR when:

You contact Alexir either by e-mails, phone calls or business cards or any other form of communication.

Contact is made through Digital marketing, Social Media, Web sites and exhibitions.

Contact is made through the Sales platforms.

Contact is made through the Accounts department.

When you partake in customer surveys.

Data is shared with third party customers and suppliers that we communicate with.

We may store and share your details in the following circumstances:

Account audits.

Third party audits.

When it is our legal duty.

With any party linked to your business to fulfil our contract with you.

With internal personnel working on a commercial project with you.

We may use your personal information to tell you about Marketing activities:

Including exhibitions, new product development and new business opportunities, products or services.

To comply with GDPR and ensure that you continue to trade effectively with the Alexir Partnership, DO NOTHING, as we have a legitimate reason for holding your data and want to maintain a good working relationship with you.

However, if you want your personal data deleted from our systems, please contact us.