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Branding Update / Graphic Design / New Pack Format

The Brief

Brown Sugar came to us for a re-brand of their Rondel Samosa range, as well as looking for an alternative packaging solution to replace their original carton. This range was going into the airline industry so it needs to work in this environment. 

They had two SKUs (a vegetable and a meat option) to create packaging for, but were finding their carton did not stand out or clearly showcase the product inside.

Our Approach

Our constructional team re-designed the the style of the pack, changing it from a traditional carton to a U-Card shape, that allowed the product to be more visible, increasing consumer appeal.

Whilst this was in process, our Graphic designers began developing the branding to stand out amongst competitors and bring the new U-Card shape to life.


How It Worked

The U-Card profile was approved, and the graphics were placed on the card for review.

A bold, modern pattern had been developed to represent the flavours of the Samosa and to be eye-catching for consumers. The text, font and design provided clear, cohesive messaging.

Research Stage

Market research moodboard (Supermarket); focus on pack types and product visibility.
Market research moodboard (Brands); focus on colour and pattern design.
Further pattern inspiration moodboard, guided by client preferences.

Design Stage


“Thank you both so much for the hard work that you have put in to preparing and researching the Brown Sugar packaging brief for the Rondel. You completely grasped what we are trying to achieve and the new designs are spot on, I feel confident they will appeal to our travel, foodservice and retail clients delivering maximum impact. Really great teamwork across your business”.